How to drive across the USA hitting all the major landmarks…I would love to do this some day. I wonder if there is anyone in the world that I could tolerate in a car for this long….

How to drive across the USA hitting all the major landmarks…I would love to do this some day. I wonder if there is anyone in the world that I could tolerate in a car for this long….

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Also, I highly recommend this travel guide How to drive across the USA hitting all the major landmarks...I would love to do this some day. I wonder if there is anyone in the world that I could tolerate in a car for this long.... for doing the trip and a must have car organizer.

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  1. Danielle

    Where is the list of landmarks? and I wonder how long just the driving part would take?

  2. Ken

    This is really great. is there away to get a listing of the places that are Thumb tacked and the Information points

  3. Debbie Criniti

    Would you send me what each stop would be please

  4. Sarah

    I would love to do this, is there any other info. The map is not interactive. Info on stops and highways used would be great.

  5. Train Trvlr

    I did this trip in 2012. It was an amazing experience. Traveled from NY to the Oregon Coast and back again. Went out the North route through NJ, PA, OH, MI,IN,Chicago, WI,MN,SD, WY,ID,OR, then down to CA, NV AZ,NM,TX, OK, MO, KY,WV,PA,NJ,NY.

    It was the trip of a lifetime. Took 2 months in the summer. Hit 24 States, 25 National and State parks. Took 2,500 pictures, used $4,500 worth of Fuel (got 6.5 MPG in my Big 45′ RV), and Drove 11,000 miles (including the miles driven in the Jeep I was towing when I got to each destination). The one who enjoyed the trip the most was the Dog who had never seen a Horse or Cow before (NYC Dog).

    I highly recommend doing this once in everyone’s lifetime. What an amazing country we live in………….. Beauty beyond words.”

  6. Rachel

    I’d love to see the list of all the major landmarks!

  7. Allen Mickle

    Can you actually identify the route? It’s hard to tell from the picture.

  8. Marilyn

    And there are also landmarks in the states North of Washington along the East Coast…. don’t forget them……………

  9. Kathy

    I tried to pin this, but it won’t let me – says that it links to a page with inappropriate content. I’d REALLY love to see a list of all of the towns/cities that this route hits! Can you help?

  10. I could travel with my youngest daughter and her chocolate lab. I have always wanted to see the great U.S.A. and what better way than to do it by seeing the landmarks? I would like to take in the difference and beauty of each state along with the landmarks.

  11. Bill

    This “major landmark” map is a joke.

  12. Are you quite sure anyone could tolerate you after having made this egotistic remark?

  13. WIll

    Where’s Philadelphia?

  14. Magda

    Hi trying to find the information on “how to drive the US hitting all the major landmarks.” Any help or guidance you can give me is greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!

  15. Amanda

    Could u give more details? Like, how long it’d take and the name of the places?

  16. Heather

    It would be nice if they showed what the landmarks are across America. It doesn’t really show you the route.

  17. Carol

    the points of interest on the travel across the USA what are they, do you have a list?

  18. Deborah Pannell

    We are planning a similar trip for this summer and want to map out our trip to start in Columbus, GA, go up the east coast, across the northern US to Gig Harbor, WA, down the west coast and then back across the lower US back to Columbus, GA. We want to visit Yellowstone National Park (Old Faithful) in Wyoming, Hoover Dam in Las Vegas, Washington, DC – especially the Zoo and the Smithsonian, Mount Rushmore in Keystone, SD, New York City (Statue of Liberty), Darwin, MN to see the “Twine Ball”, Niagra Falls, NY and Hersheyville in Hershey, PA. Of course we are open to other suggestions also and want to visit as many special places as we can. We want to make it a 6 week trip and of course end up back in Columbus, GA. Is there ANYONE that can help us to map out/plan this trip? We have never done this before and could use HELP in planning this LONG ROAD TRIP!

  19. brian

    How many miles is this trip and what are the stops?

  20. Nils

    How do you claim all major landmarks and skip Missouri? SMH.

  21. Julie

    is there some where one can see what the landmarks are? I’d be most interested!

  22. Michael Simpson

    This is great. Definitely appreciated.

  23. David Duerler

    I did this 2 years ago when I retired from the Fire Dept. Started out in Tampa, went West to Las Vegas , Notth to Washington State, & then back East. Went thru 24 states , drive over 11,300 miles and seen all kinds of stuff in 32 days. Had a great time! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  24. Detlef Bassing

    depends on the car i bet ;)

    i will do exactly this route, with a few short trips aside to visit friends, in the next few years in my 1995 citroen xm break
    estimated travel time 3 weeks ….mostly not on highways

  25. Elvira

    Is there a list of the landmarks one could see along this route?

  26. This is really cool! Would be interesting if there was a link attached to each pin, showing what the landmark is.

  27. Camile Gomes

    Hi, I like this map that you posted about traveling across America. Is there any way to find out what the highlighted landmarks are on the map? Thanks.

  28. Norman Stephens

    This is very similar to my original route that I put together for a trip like this. A tip is this choose your travel partner carefully, you will be together for approx 25 to 30 days.

  29. Rosetta Harmon

    I would love to do this someday.

  30. Verna

    How long would this take?

  31. Howie

    I would do it. I think it would be a super trip!

  32. Ideea e superbă

  33. It is a great idea

  34. john

    Car? This is a motorcycle trip.

  35. Your trip is interesting however flawed. Two major omissions are Yosemite and the “Cradle of Freedom” (Boston) area. A simple detour across Mass and down the Connecticut coast would correct one. The other would be a little more difficult, as the California coast range has no passes that lead from Yosemite to the Big Sur coastal area. Both are more assessable than the Key West island chain; which I consider another major site in the USA.

    Another topic that intrigues me would be a route to touch all 48 mainland states with no backtracking nor visiting the same state twice.

  36. Vernon Whetstone

    As a former resident of Missouri and Nebraska I must raise my voice in violent protest against this tour that skips both states totally. For starters, if you followed this route, you would miss the St. Louis Arch for starters, In Omaha there is the Henry Doorly Zoo and further west many traces of the Oregon Trail which took pioneers west, the fabulous Chimney and Courthouse Rocks, not to mention the massive Scottsbluff National Monument. Plus all the wonderful little towns along the way where you will meet the world’s most friendly people. Not to mention the darkest skies you would ever want to see in the northwest corner of Nebraska where the Nebraska Star Party holds its annual festival of starry nights.

  37. Jenn

    Is there an interactive version of this map someplace? I would like to know which landmarks they pinpointed… Plus I see some obvious ones that are not marked (the route misses NYC, where several are located. The St Louis Gateway is another one I thought would be on there, but the suggested route avoids most of the Midwest!)

  38. dafalax

    a list of what exactly those landmarks are would be nice

  39. Ruth Aaker I would Love To Meet—–You ?

  40. Dennis Aston

    I did this trip in 1986 with my dad, brother, cousin and grandma. It was more fun than you should be allowed to have and i had all i was allowed and more…

  41. Joe

    You missed the Gateway Arch. Good thing you got whatever landmark is in northern Idaho.

  42. Angie

    Would love the list of all the sites……

  43. Lori

    HI – do you have a source or any links for this post, or do you know what the individual pins stand for? Fascinating idea – any information would be greatly appreciated!!

  44. Jim Morrison

    This is bogus.
    It does not include the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

  45. Darlene

    Would be wonderful if you put numbers on those pins and then posted a listing of the sites by number.

  46. Mary Rydeen

    I have done a few cross country trips on my own and loved it. Why do you need someone with you, it is nice to be by yourself and just enjoy “being” instead of “doing”.

  47. Tina S

    Not in a car, but definitely on my motorcycle!

  48. Steve

    there a lot of people that could stand that drive. Look at truck drivers and delivery drivers they spend most of their life in a vehicle, driving

  49. Betty Black

    What are the landmarks?

  50. Andy Bagnall

    My wife and I took our three boys on such a tour in 2005 over four months and really enjoyed quality family time that we will always remember. Sure there were things that tried us but I can remember only good times and all the wonderful things that we did and saw together. It really is a magnificent country to explore. I spent five years piecing together a travelogue of our journey and often return to random parts to relive them. Our journey was in a 30ft RV rather than a car and we experienced camps and parks instead of motels and hotels. There were exceptions though – like in Vegas – where you need to stay in a hotel to experience that special magic. Dive in and do it!

  51. That’s awesome. We’re going to do it one day.

  52. Revis Bell

    Sure would be nice if this was an interactive map so as to see more info regarding the destinations…………

  53. Jerry T

    Awesome idea (and we’ve done the southern route from FL to CA (and doing New England this year).

    And that reminds me…this route misses out completely on New England (Acadia, Boston), plus Mammoth Cave and esp. Yosemite!

  54. Susan

    Do you have a list of these landmarks. I can guess most of them, but it’d be nice to have them in list form.

  55. Nancy Barnhart

    So, what exactly are “all of the major landmarks”? I don’t see one for the 7-mile bridge in the Florida Keys….. or the St. Louis Arch….. or a multitude of others.

  56. How can we find out what all the major landmarks are?

  57. Pam

    Could we get the names of these Landmarks and exact location?

  58. Bob Giese

    I can easily see that Carlsbad Caverns, NM was missed.

  59. Susan Allison

    Me me me! I’ll go with you, Mary!

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